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Brian Buckland's
"The Rebuildung of a Lotus Elan"

678 pages, 900 pictures. Full details up to the last bracket and badge ...

2nd edition 

Available as Softcover and Ringbinder.
686 pages, 900 images.

Published by Grafos Verlag GmbH.

Softcover edition is 65 GBP / 75 € / 95 USD.
Ringbinder edition is 85 GBP / 99 € / 115 USD. 

Engine chapter supplement

All buyers of the first edition will be able to buy the engine chapter, the most important change of the 2nd chapter as a separate "update".
It is not defined yet when and how this update will be available, but it will come

1st Edition RINGBINDER

The original 1st edition as ringbinder is out of print.
It has 648 pages and 800 pictures.
First published in 2006 by The ElanMan Ltd.

1st Edition REPRINT

The content is identical to the first edition, with a few improvements: some drawings have been enhanced and tables of content have been included, one in each chapter and one global.
*** SOFTCOVER ! ***