This website is about Brian Buckland, known as "The Elanman"
and his book "The Rebuilding of a Lotus Elan" (aka "The Elan Bible")
**** 2nd Edition available ! ****

50 years of experience

Brian Buckland has had Elans for 50 years, has covered a million miles driving them (920.000 on his current S3 Coupe). 
He is know as "The Elanman",

Tecnical guide

His book describes all you need to know how to restore and maintain your Elan to perfection, shows you traps and difficulties, and step-by-step guidance were needed.

Astonishing level of detail

Buckland is describing the whole car, up to the last bracket (8 pages) and badge (8 pages), he took over 5000 pictures, 900 are in the book. You will know what is missing in your car.

Much acclaimed

This book is being called "The Elan Bible" among Elan enthusiasts. Other marques followers wish to have something similar for their cars ...

Although this book is very detailed, it is an ADDENDUM to the official Lotus Workshop manual.
You - being amateur or professional - should be in possession of the later as it gives you some step-by-step guidance through delicate operations.
Brian Buckland also strongly recommends joining Club Lotus and forum, there you will find lots of useful information and nice people, making this legendary car an enjoyable experience .
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