About Brian Buckland

"I'm here to help."

This website is about Brian Buckland, known as "The Elanman".
Now aged 74, he has had Elans for 50 years and has written and published "The Elan Bible" in 2006.
Born 1944, he is a mechanical engineer and worked for a Bristol Press company, from {..Brian ?! ..} to {..Brian ?! ..}
Aged {..Brian ?! ..} he changed course and dedicated to his other fibre glass related adventure: being a profession sailing instructor.
After a near miss by fate from 2003 on he dedicated his time to Elans full time.
He is a romantic Jim Clark devotee (yearly pilgrimage to multiple Jim Clark festivals or memorials, he had a yacht named "Jim Clark") and carefully mantained Elan #1, Jim's car NUR997.
He currently owns four cars, he is main car being a S3 FHC (LDD974E).

Me, Guillermo, Herlt, a bit younger than Brian, I have been owing Lotus Elans since 1990, but starting with a beautiful pacific blue M100 (#6724). A capable car showing me the delights of Lotus suspension, a car underrated because of its modern architecture and japanese components. After a small incursion into Porsche 993 and MG Midget ownership, I felt in love with classic cars and wanted something "rustproof". After reading opinions on the Elan (I remember especially Gordon Murray), I bought an '67 S3 DHC, which I still own and love. Current collection is S1 (#3606), S3 DHC (#6012) and S4 FHC (#9267) (all in different working states).

I met Brian first time at the Club Lotus Show in Donington, with an Elan chassis installed for hands-on explanations. Then in 2016 Brian announced in Club Lotus magazine that there were only few books left and that he would like to publish the 2nd edition on a CDROM. I thought "bad idea", I won't take any PC or laptop to the garage, not even a tablet nor IPad. And I told him. He kindly asked for a meeting, we met and get along very well since then. As he was a bit scared about the necessary work load I agreed to publish the 2nd edition. Lots of time, lots of work, quite an investment. Now I am scared too. But we are getting there soon ...

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